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01-16-2013, 09:58 AM
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Originally Posted by BerniernextRoy View Post

LOL. It even says D. Penner above Penner's shoulder. Wow....

Originally Posted by Whiskeypete View Post
i sent an email to the writer that covers the Hawks for them. here is his reply. i included the Kings info graphic they put out last season in the playoffs

Yeah, I saw that. I wasn't thrilled about it, either, and I'm sure
whoever did that was kicking himself in the morning. I actually
remember when the L.A. Kings sent that out last year; I thought it was
brilliant and hilarious.

Unfortunately, mistakes happen. I worked on the design desk for most
of my career, and I've made some stupid mistakes, too. Worse ones than
that. It happens from time to time. Happens in every job.
Unfortunately, in our business, half a million people see it when we
screw up. All we can do is try to do better the next time.
Good of him to e-mail a reply, and he is right. We all make mistakes, just in the media business when we make mistakes everyone sees them. I made a doozy one time too and boy did that sting.

Still, the guy who did it needs it pointed out to him.

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