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Originally Posted by cbcwpg View Post
If you, person A, prints the ticket and then emails it to person B, the ticket is taken off person A's plastic card. That's it. All person B has is a ticket to get in the game, but they have no control over that ticket.

If person A electronically transfer the ticket, it is taken off person A's plastic card, but person B now "owns" the ticket and they can transfer it to someone else if they like.

That's my understanding.
I believe that is correct. Person B can always email that ticket to someone else if they wish; they just cannot re-sell it via SeatExchange, donate it, "transfer" it in the system to someone else, etc. If person B emails the ticket, or does something careless like save the file on a common computer at a school/library/cafe (!!) then the first time that barcode gets scanned at MTSC is the person who gets into the game.

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