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01-16-2013, 11:16 AM
Ridley Simon
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Originally Posted by mrwarden View Post
Then they should expect to have his world class skill set for about 2 more years (probably half seasons at that, give or take) before he will be a pocket passer without escapability, instead of finding a scheme they can protect him in now, and allowing him to escape when needed.

Every year like this one probably shortens his career by two years.
I dont know. Name we one QB not named Randall Cunningham that could play the way RG3 does, and could do it for a decade. Even Randall was about a 5yr wonder. Vick-- we will never know, thanks to his "habits".

I dont think you can protect a running QB in today's NFL. Fran Tarkenton didnt deal with 300lb behemoths, and neither did Steve Young (or Randall), to these degrees.

Steve Young may be the best possible comparison, as he had a relatively long career, but he also sat on the sidelines for the first 5 years watching Joe, so his wisdom as a runner was more entrenched. If RG3 started playing at age 27, this would be a very different animal, I think. Plus Young really toned down his running the last 5 years of his career too.

So, who is RG3 comparible too, so that you can say "if we defended RG3 like HIM, his career wouldnt be shortened"?

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