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01-16-2013, 10:25 AM
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Originally Posted by Kriss E View Post
This is where the main problem lies in our difference of opinion.
Somehow, according to you, PK deserves less cash and a smaller contract for the sole purpose of being a RFA. It doesn't matter whether or not he actually is better with more potential and contributes more than any other player on the team (Price being the sole exception perhaps). Just because he's a RFA he deserves less. It makes no sense.
Listen if PK had this superstardom potential but struggled out of the gate and was used more as a 2nd pairing guy, then everybody would agree that PK should sign a bridge contract, just like most agreed with Price's 2nd deal, he hadn't proven himself capable of truly being a #1 keeper and actually lost his spot to Halak. PK already proved himself as a top Dman. He's not going to decline at 23 and start playing like a 2nd pairing guy.
Just like other guys around the league proved themselves enough to get a bigger deal after their ELC contracts.
Being a RFA doesn't mean you just have to shut up and accept wtv deal management throws your way. When a player is developing super fast and already proved himself to be better than the rest, than you can pay him top dollars. Makes absolutely no sense for him to be relied upon more than any other D, therefore risking injury more than the rest, and be expected to agree to less cash.
Imagine if at your work your boss told you that you're the one that is going to be relied on the most out of a group of 6, you will work in the toughest situations, handle the toughest assignments but yet, you won't be making the most cash. Doesn't add up right?
RFA vs UFA is a good bargaining chip, but it doesn't mean that a player can't compare himself to others who are worse and play less, but make more.
Like I said in a previous post, we agree to disagree because your opinions are those of Don Meehan and mine are those of Marc Bergevin.

So let's keep it at this. Enjoy the season

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