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01-16-2013, 10:56 AM
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Well--Bolland as a shutdown 3c was only a flat ZERO last year in +/- ...some can blame Bickell and Frolik for that --but they were not that poor defensivel--if they scored more ,Bolland's +/- would have been higher-but honestly I did not think Bolland himself was that special last year 'shutting down" top centres of other teams ..

APART from faceoffs -where as 2c he still willbe as poor as he was at 3c -it is not Bolland's strong suit-I actually think you will see him elevate his scoring to the expected levels one expects from a top 2c ...playing with Sharp and Kane ougto to provide 40-50 assists pace in a normal 82 game season (but pro-rated back for 48 games) for Bolland --so if he adds merely 20 goals pace for an 82 game projection -but again pro-rated back for 48 games n (he had 19 last year as a 3c despite the alleged albatrosess of Bickell and Stalberg -he ought to get at least the pace of a 60 point season over 82 games --or maybe even 70 points pace (for 82) if he got say 30 goals and 40 assists instead or any combo totalling 70...
60 points pro-rated back for 48 games is 35 points --a 70 points pace is about 41 pts...

CAN he do that? --yes IF KANE gets back to his expected ppg pace and not 80% of it as in last season,and IF sharp maintains his expected pace of scoring of 66-71 points projected out for an 82 game season but pro-rated back for 48 games (66 pts in 82 = 39pts in 48 games)..

So we ought to expect all 3 to provide over a .8 ppg ...I think Bolland can do that
because he willbe playing with such talented wingers and will pick up lots of assists anyway because they will get their goals --he ought to elevate his own gOAL SCORING PACE (he does have a good shot --just look back to hois daysin London) because his wingers can set him up far better than frolik and Bickelll could--so EVEN THOUGH hewon't get featured PP time -I am not worried about him elevating his scoring pace to the level Blackhawks fans expect a premier 2c in the league to provide.

The only worry for Bolland willbe as I said-his faceoffs --and his holding up against injury- 2 contradictory thoughts on that--as a 3C one could argue he faced higher injury risk due to the extra "work/energy" it takes to lay shutown C --leading to greater tiredness and when you get expended from effort you risk alertness and so are prone to less avoidance of hits coming at you -so as a @c he ought to be less tired and more alert to avoid such injury causing hits;on the other hand as a 2C he will face harder checking lines than he did as a 3C matching against top offensive lines who eschew hits for scoring -so in that case he might get more injury causing hits agains him ...Maybe these 2 contradictory items will cancel out to not really cause any more or any less susceptibility to injury than he had before/ we shall find out...

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