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01-16-2013, 11:02 AM
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Originally Posted by StrongIslanders90 View Post

I dont want to down play his kids illness but what kind of man uses his kid as a scapee goat.

I have a 5 year old daughter and would never use her as an excuse for my actions.

Obviouslly the "illness" is not serious because he would not be travling and playing with his team and he would not have put 2 weeks as a time table....

This guy Sucks and is a major distraction and we really dont need anyone here that doesnt want to be here, even Nabby situation was not as bad as this guys. We got a good room from everything I gather and this guy can only disrupt that...

Viz is a good Hockey player an would have given us some much needed help on the blue line but give me Hickey or Laundry giving it 100% effort over Viz who could careless about this team.
ive said at this point i dont want him here. the other guys in the locker room are going to be pissed at him and the fans will blast him. Plus, making him come here after all this nonsense makes the team look even worse in the media.
The thing that sucks is, with him here, our defense would be far from bad.

That isnt a cup winning defense, but i dont see why it cant get into the playoffs with some progression from guys like bailey/okposo and a revitalized Boyes. Plus, the powerplay would be pretty solid, on paper at least.

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