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01-16-2013, 11:08 AM
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Our league basically says you can play up/down one level to your skill level. The issue is that the difference in range of skill level between leagues can be substantial the lower you go. So D1 guys playing in D2 isn't as drastic as D3 guys playing in D4. Right now D4 is full of D3 guys. Even to the effect that this year the consensus across the league is that the average team skill level in D4 is higher than D3 since so many of the D4 teams brought in D3 guys and D3 got diluted a bit.

My team is the only team that hasn't made any roster changes in about 5 years. We used to be in the top 25% of the league. We've been dead last 2 seasons in a row now. This season we have 1 freaking win. We've talked about bring in some of our D3 buddies, but we don't want to encourage the trend.

The summer league we played in was pretty good for the most part about enforcing skill level. Our first season out there we ran the table but none of the games were blow-outs and a good chunk of them were come from behind wins. Winning the championship automatically moved us up a level where we finished with 1 or 2 wins a few ties and were in last place. We were allowed to move back down a level where we ran the table again but this time a bit more substantially and we were threatened with action towards our top skaters.

The thing though, was that our top skaters weren't even in the top 5 point scorers on our team and our top scorers weren't even in the top 10 for the league. Our best player skill wise ended the season with only 2 or 3 goals. The difference was as a team we were better than the field. We were also the only team with more than 1 female and we typically carried 4 or 5 females on the roster.

When we moved up a level again we didn't even win a game. We were told we wouldn't be allowed to move back down unless we got rid of 3-4 guys. So basically we were being punished for team work and not ringer skill.

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