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01-16-2013, 11:08 AM
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Originally Posted by JackSlater View Post
Perry is there to fill a role, similar to what 86Habs suggested. Canada doesn't need to take another centre as the 13th forward, as you will note there are 8 centres on the team I listed already. Skating is somewhat troublesome, but it isn't as if it's a weakness for the team overall. Perry brings a grinding element to the team that is lacking in almost all of the forwards, a willingness to go to the dirtiest areas on the ice and also the experience to do damage from those areas. I'm not especially worried about penalties either, as I see Perry have a very specialized role with emphasis on avoiding penalty trouble. I've seen Perry toe the line enough in the playoffs and Olympics to have optimism, even if this is in Europe.

I have some worries about this team having too many players who are accustomed to dominating the puck in the offensive zone. Perry offers some flexibility there as well, as he scores lots of goals but does do without being the primary puck possessor on his line. Perry is also a guy I can see excelling in spot PP duty as a net presence, which won't be a strong suit for many of the stars on the team. I just like what Perry can bring to this team, it's something different from what everyone else offers. Canada has often had success bringing this kind of player to international competitions. Those were often Canada Cups on NA size ice, but I definitely see lots of benefit to bringing one Perry type player for the sake of team flexibility.

I would think that Benn meets your own criteria more than J. Staal, who is pretty redundant if Toews, Bergeron and M. Richards are all on the team. I don't know if any player is ideal in the 13th forward role, as much depends on what who the 12 other forwards are.
You have a different take on it than me, but that's fine. re: Benn, I have the same concerns over his skating as Perry. .. and watching Benn at the WHC last spring, I wasn't overly impressed. but I wasn't really impressed with anybody on that team last spring other than RNH and he gets a pass as he was 18, or just turned 19...

correction, D. Kieth played well. Liked how he played.

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