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01-16-2013, 11:11 AM
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Originally Posted by isles31 View Post
ive said at this point i dont want him here. the other guys in the locker room are going to be pissed at him and the fans will blast him. Plus, making him come here after all this nonsense makes the team look even worse in the media.
The thing that sucks is, with him here, our defense would be far from bad.

That isnt a cup winning defense, but i dont see why it cant get into the playoffs with some progression from guys like bailey/okposo and a revitalized Boyes. Plus, the powerplay would be pretty solid, on paper at least.
How so? IMO it would look much worse had the Isles just given in and let Vis do and go wherever he wants. That would basically show the rest of the league that if you end up getting traded to the Isles, all you have to do is shed a few tears and they will let you have your way.

The Isles are doing the right thing by standing firm on this and forcing him to report. If anything it makes them look better, IMO, for not standing for these kind of bush league man-baby actions.

Secondary Note: I don't see any way the Isles would pair Streit with Visnovsky. I get what you are saying that this defense would obviously be better/deeper with him here, but those two guys playing together would be a mistake, IMO.

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