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01-16-2013, 11:19 AM
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Originally Posted by WarriorOfGandhi View Post
did they drench their meals with ranch dressing and wash it down with a liter of cola?

I think people worry about food too much. I do like the premise of the article though. It goes a long swimmingly with my (extremely uneducated and unprofessional) opinion that for most people, counting calories and types of calories and when you eat those calories, and basically a lot of nutrition is relatively useless information if you want to be a healthy person.

Just stick to the basics. 3 non-gigantic meals a day, 2 small snacks a day (one can even be dessert!), get a good night's sleep, and move your body throughout the day. If you're getting a little chubbier than you want, move your body more throughout the day.

Human's eating and exercising behaviors seem so unnatural to me.

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