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01-16-2013, 11:41 AM
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Originally Posted by 417 View Post
Actually, IMO, it makes complete sense...As an agent, you're job is to get max dollars. So as long as it can be proven reasonably, you ask for the higher end of a contract.

That's just basic stuff...i'm sure he doesn't expect Doughty money, but it's just smart business to ask for it IMO.

But again, why do fans NEED to choose sides when teams negotiate with players?

Contract negotiations are a process, it's the unfortunate side of business in sports...just let it play itself out.
At this point, it doesn't make sense. Ask Doughty's money all you want AT THE START OF THE NEGOTIATION which was in the summer. But they can't still be at this point now or then it doesn't make sense. How can you split in the middle if the Subban is STILL at Doughty's money? If the Subban camp can't move from this, I'm sorry, but he'll never get signed or will be traded and not even sure if there's someobyd crazy enough to give him that. Which in the end, makes me believe that even if they started with that the first day of the negotiation, they can't be at that anymore. This is a 48-game season here. The guy didn't play in the winter, missed a full 1-week of practices and still would be at Doughty and it would make sense? Not anymore.

And people choose sides because now it's crunch time and if we don't have one of our most important player, somebody needs to be accountable for it. Nobody would say a word if, during a season, a player and his team would be in the long process of renegotiating even if it takes 2 or 3 months 'cause it would not affect anything. But now? It does.

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