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Originally Posted by wingman22 View Post
Chewer, I watched both games. When the Rebels score first they are tough to play against. When DMF scored the Rebels had to open things up. They lack the goal scorer. McConnagh the D from DMF was the player of the game. He has really come along. Marner's strengh is a big issue, he is knowcked of the puck to easliy and doesnt play down low. Shift management is a concern, he stays out to long and waits high for the puck.
Marlies vs. JRC interesting game. Venditti was awefull for both teams. Took the flow away, but made the game interesting. Though you "special K" showed his skill during the first part of the game but appeared to have checked out. Spending time on the bench because your team is short handed, shows one defensive interest at all and cant play in his own end. Yes he is very good when he has the puck. Both Stephens and Strome play in both ends of the ice and play in all situations.
Though Strome struggled for a two periods and had a great third. The goal called off on Stephens' second goal was terrible. Benigno already received a penalty for knocking the net off, but to call that off on a breakaway. It sure seemed to wake up the Marlies because they were fired up to start the 3rd.
JRC couldnt capitilize on the 5 min major to Webb which would have been just to a game that was terribly officiated towards both teams.
Robinson had energy all night and was the best player on the ice. Thought Richardson struggled.
Good post, Good views.

McConnach looks like a second round pick for sure. His skating has improved greatly, he is growing on me with each game. He and Dunda are my 2 highest rated players on the DMF team.

Watch Marner through the GTHL playoffs and focus on the lack of physical play/strength before anyone starts to mocking him up so high in the draft. The Strength/Battle issue's will only compound themself at a higher level of hockey.

Strome put the team on his back for the start of the 3rd and willed this team to win. It sounded like he was barking to get his team woken up after the 2nd. That goal they called off, seem to wake them up as well. Marlboros showed heart last night. At the end of the second, it looked like they would lose, they deserve lots of credit to battle back. There isnt one GM in the OHL who doesnt love Strome. Some people try hard to knock this guy on this forum and its ridicoulous and borders on Trolling.

If u want to win at the OHL level, u must be concerned about Korostelev's 200 foot game. Its non-existant. Korostelev is sliding right now on my list and possibly out of the top 10. He benefits from a ton of shots, his shot selection is questionable and his high volume of shots at minor midget level will not happen in the OHL, so production will Drop off. His skating stride might have to be re-worked by his OHL coaches as well. His small stride limits his top end speed, In my opinion. Its all about being a complete player. 20 goals and being a - 20 doesnt help your team. Any top player not playing special teams, bothers me, u compound that with taking a line change when your team is back checking and that jumps right out at u.

Stephens played really well. He could jump back up the draft with a strong finish to the season. His first few steps instantly create room for him. Very explosive. Every player has no reason to be jacked for all the upcoming important games.

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