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01-16-2013, 11:51 AM
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Originally Posted by RandyHolt View Post
Ovi was one dimensional, leading the league in shots with ease for years. But that well went dry. He was forced to adjust and did ok.

As long as a goal is produced, its hard to find fault. While he's paid to score goals, he is also paid to lead our offense. It's very much a team game and I think he is on the program more than ever after Dale neutered him.

Nothing spells "team" like passing up a goal to settle for an assist.

While i see your point about distributing, a goal scoring winger should also know when to pass the puck when being overly played to shoot. Quite frankly that part of his game didn't seem well developed. His passes were awesome, or ugly. He has improved a lot.

Ribiero should log a bunch of assists eating into the teams totals. But it may also lead to a lot more team wide quality passing that I think has been oddly absent from what was a high skill team.

But its a bold prediction thread, so I am just rolling with a hunch.
I'm rolling with your hunch and trying to flesh it out a little.

Again, I get that a point is a point, but if you're being paid $10M, I want to see more G than A (or at the least an even split) or else the value is getting out of whack, especially as the cap drops. In 2 years, he will be eating about 1/6 of the cap. 35 goals and 60 assists are great numbers, but not $10M numbers in my book.

All that said, if teams are playing him to shoot and he is forced to be more of a passer, so be it. In that case, they're going to need finishers on the cheap to help offset what I see as diminished value.

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