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Originally Posted by IrishPaulie View Post
Time on ice is nearly identical for their 2 years in the league (Hall 2,294 minutes Seguin 2,275 minutes) and their stats are not that far off.

2011-12 TOI Vs Pts stats:

Tyler Seguin: Shifts/Game: 20.4 Goals/Game: 0.36 Assists/Game: 0.47 Points/Game: 0.83
TOI/Shift: 0:50 TOI/Goal: 47:18 TOI/Assist: 36:06 TOI/Point: 20:28

Taylor Hall: Shifts/Game: 21.8 Goals/Game: 0.44 Assists/Game: 0.43 Points/Game: 0.87
TOI/Shift: 0:50 TOI/Goal: 41:09 TOI/Assist: 42:44 TOI/Point: 20:58

I would argue what has Hall done to prove he is better than Seguin? Better yet, what has either done to separate themselves from the other? Answer: Not much yet.

If anything I give them a draw until one of them takes the next step. But if I had to put money on it, I bet you this little trend continues throughout their careers. One puts up more goals, the other more assists, both put up near identical pts/game and TOI/pt.
Yea, I would completely agree that it's a draw. It's as close as you can get after 2 years.

However, the vast majority of people on HF have Seguin > Hall, which is why these poll results are so hilariously wrong.

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