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01-16-2013, 12:00 PM
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I wouldn't say that it is so much more rewarding to win in DotA, but it is indeed more complicated to play for noobs. There are many reasons for that:
- all heroes are available to everyone, which means that a new player will encounter totally different line-ups each time he plays, while in LoL rosters will consist of the same free rotation champions;
- snowballing is so much more common;
- damage to life ratio is higher;
- no free recall;
- towers and even the fountain aren't your safe haven and diving is very popular and effective;
- much less gold to spend: passive gold flow is minimal, no gold per minute items, last hitting at the start of the game is tough due to slow attack animations, gold penalties upon death are quite harsh;
- tons of items that require activation in order to be useful;
- lots of important mechanics that are absent in LoL: denying, pulling, stacking, day/night vision, uphill/downhill positioning, different shops, couriers, buybacks, disassembling items, etc.

With that said, mastering LoL and reaching a high elo (like 2000+) is also very hard, but for a new player LoL isn't as punishing as DotA. The amount of rage & flame is the same though.

Also have quite a few invites, PM me if you need one.

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