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Originally Posted by MartysBetterThanYou View Post

Some would point to the Green Bay Packers as an example of the big team/small city thing working. The only reason the Green Bay Packers and Saskatchewan Roughriders work as franchises is the fact that those two teams are so embedded in local culture they could never go away. Life revolves around these teams in the cities, similarly to college football in places like Alabama. As mentioned before, additionally these small city teams work better in football than hockey because games are a once a week event, not a day in and day out thing. People can drive in from the rural hinterland to attend a game every Sunday, not so much 4 times a week.
The Packers are a unique example because they don't have one owner. Fans own the stock for the team and all of the profits go back in to the team which guarantees long term viability and that it won't move.

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