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01-16-2013, 12:06 PM
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Originally Posted by Stewie G View Post
I'm rolling with your hunch and trying to flesh it out a little.

Again, I get that a point is a point, but if you're being paid $10M, I want to see more G than A (or at the least an even split) or else the value is getting out of whack, especially as the cap drops. In 2 years, he will be eating about 1/6 of the cap. 35 goals and 60 assists are great numbers, but not $10M numbers in my book.

All that said, if teams are playing him to shoot and he is forced to be more of a passer, so be it. In that case, they're going to need finishers on the cheap to help offset what I see as diminished value.
As long as Ovi is not going out of his way to pass during his best chances, I think we will be ok if he ends up with more A than G. Do what comes naturally, but also have the head up if someone has a better shot.

I just get the sense he is more cerebral than ever, wanting to change positions only adds to it. He is getting older and learning more, and has been forced to adjust during some tough times.

I actually think MJ and Nick have decent shots. They just seem to have that look to pass first tag Swedes sometimes get. Carlson Green and Orlov should be looking to shoot.

Scoring as the 3rd wheel on a line (MJ) is often just going to the right spot and putting your stick down on the ice.

I think with my bold prediction, I should also say MJ scores at a 30G pace 17G 25A

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