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01-16-2013, 12:09 PM
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My thoughts.

The window for the Canucks to win the Cup this year is over unless something dramatic happens. Those thinking Kesler will come back and before close to anyone's expectations are deulsional since he essentially has not been healthy for 2 years. Booth may come back in 4-6 weeks but for someone who relies on speed and has a groin problem, he's essentially a write-off for this year.

This team essentially has to revert back to the 06/07 year when they relied on goaltending and solid defense. It worked for teams like LA and NYR and if the Canucks want to do anything this year that's the way it's got to be.

If everyone can stay healthy for next year, they can revert back to the President Truphy winning teams style of play but that's a big if.

My thinking is this, there is no better time to see what some of your younger players can produce in the NHL han right now. Schroeder and Kassian should be given ample time to play in all situations and develop when 2/3 of the second line is gone. If you don't find out what they can do now, when will it be? When everyone is healthy again and they get sent back down to the AHL?

The cap next year is only ~64M so the Canucks need to find out as much as possible right now before decisions need to be made on Higgins, Raymond, Manny, Edler and Luongo.

I don't have any expectations for this year (didn't anyway as I thought there would not even be a season) but hopefully the young guys can get some time to showcase what they can bring and this team will be better off for it next season.

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