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Originally Posted by Capitano View Post
Don't confuse the argument...they don't dislike PK and think he won't be a #1 D, I simply think they want PK to be an RFA when they do this again next time so the habs can hold the hammer again, that's pretty much it...once the player becomes a UFA the hammer is in their hands...
I never said anything about dislike...i'm mature enough to realize that this is business. It's not about liking or disliking.

I don't have a side in this negotiations because it doesn't concern me...the player has a right to determine his own value just like the team has a right to determine a player's value relative to their salary structure.

You could argue for both sides...hence why I couldn't careless about all this non sense.

All I care about is getting him signed, because I think he makes the team better and I think he's a cornerstone of this organization. When they finally agree on an appropriate value...i'll be happy

I couldnt careless about what rumored offer he wants or what rumored offer they are giving him...thats just non-sense for fans to stay entertained

Originally Posted by jhjhjhjhjhjh View Post
You're misunderstanding everything I say, if it isn't your way of thinking it's bullsh*t
Maybe i'm misundertanding...and maybe you're just not delivering the message properly.

Do you REALLY think any contract in sports is based on what players have proven? Get real man?

There are TONS of examples of contracts based on potential...hell, part of the CBA negotiation sticking point was about this

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