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Originally Posted by dawkins121 View Post
1. Manning is better

2. Brady makes the example more relevant since he is much more similar to Foles than any of the running QB's that Oregon has used and they are making it work. Obviously Foles can't execute on the same level as Brady but I don't think anyone is expecting an offense that is on the same level as the Patriots.
1) with what evidence? I'm not stating my opinion about Brady, it's pretty much fact. A QB doesn't have a career like Brady because he is lucky. Even if Brady is barely in the top 20 greatest QBs ever (he has to be top 5 for everyone, or they are just blinded with hatred), Philly still has no where near that QB play.

2) This second opinion is just ridiculous, come on. Foles and Brady are both tallish white guys, that's about all they have in common.

So, we think Kelly will be successful in Philly because:
A) His system works at the collegiate level
B) The Patriots run a similar offense.

I don't get it, this was just the sexy headline move the Great Forehead and Wonderboy wanted. I'll give chip a chance, and I'm happy to not know exactly what is going to happen this coming season; however, almost every single aspect of this screams mess. My outlook could change, but that depends on who the DC ends up being.

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