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01-16-2013, 12:15 PM
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Originally Posted by Marc the Habs Fan View Post
You can not convince me that GM who gives Brandon Prust 2.5 M per year has a ''contractual structure'' for his team in place, no matter how much he is needed on the ice with his intangibles. Paying a deluxe 4th liner that type of money is a sure way to find yourself in cap hell before long unless the cap goes to like 75 M by year 3 of the deal. Every decent player or better on this team is going to look at Prust's deal and think they should be paid far more.

Thankfully he somehow got Pacioretty done at 4.5 M per year through his prime to soften the blow.

I agree with you here, this is the best solution at this point.
As mentioned by Capitano: “Not about following the 'same structure' it's about following the structure that MB thinks we need to follow. He is more informed than we are imo."

The contractual team structure is not, contrary to popular belief, a rigid concept. For instance, Bergevin would happily give a multi years contract to a young RFA Sidney Crosby! Heck, Bergevin did, as you underlined, throw away the "template" regarding Prust (rightfully so imo but that’s another topic) so we know he is not acting blindly (to respect a rigid concept) here.

The reason why he does not want to give a multi years contract, at this point in his career, to Subban, is because he thinks that’s what best for the team. If PK wants to play for a contender, he will need to make a little sacrifice. For the Team.

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