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01-16-2013, 01:23 PM
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Originally Posted by Oil Gauge View Post
He's just having fun. If he celebrates a goal he scores against Dubnyk, Dubnyk will just laugh it off, not get mad at him. Get real.
When you're the only guy on the team that does it, maybe it's not so funny but seen as arrogant. Not to say he's an arrogant kid, but perception is everything.

Originally Posted by Leman Russ View Post
This topic is about the regular season.
When did I say anything about practice?
Actions in practice affect how his teammates may or may not protect him on the ice during the season. They're related.

Originally Posted by Replacement View Post
Hey I'm the curmudgeon here, scram.

I've seen Yak celebrating before, don't have any problem with it and he did it several times in the prospects camp where he scored at will. The fans eat it up and last I checked this is entertainment. Some loser gets asshurt because he can't score a goal in a million years its his own problem.

Good on Horc to say its OK if thats what happened.

Celebrate good times.
Also loved it at the prospects camp. But that was a bunch of kids, of which he was top dog.
He's playing with professionals now some of whom are twice his age. These are guys he should be willing to bend over backwards to earn their respect. I think that starts with showing some humility.
God, when did I become that guy.

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