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Originally Posted by hawxfan View Post
From what I am told every player in the cj is paying next year. The rates are from 3500 to 4500 depending on age. That will rattle a few parents whose sons are third/forth line players and not getting a lot of ice. This money is going towards the 3 trips taken a year by each team to Wellington, Kingston, Trenton. The cj teams will travel on Friday mornings, play that night, Saturday night and Sunday afternoon before heading back here. If I had to guess this will certainly have an effect on jr. B as players and or their parents will have to decide whether the money should be spent on hockey or university. Thats a fair chunk of change to pay and I'm not sure how many parents are willing to fork that much out.
Your Math does'nt work. It won't cost $3000.00 per kid (21*3000= $61,000) to make 3 trips to to the OJHL sites??? You could fly the whole team to the Maya Riveria 3 times for 1 week holidays for that kind of money. Makes more sense to say each trip will cost the teams 3-4 thousand total, that cost would be picked up by players, $300-$400.
As far as the league chargeing the kids more money, I can see that happening, Parents will pay. But not $4000.00. If you double the fee the Nepean players paid last year, I think it was 8-900. Charge them $1900.00, an extra $10,000 sounds tempting to our owners, but be careful what you wish for, we are already loses kid's to the MHL, because they offer the kids better deals, billet costs, equipment, travel, etc.. Plus you will create two tiers in our league, the have and the have not clubs.
I don't see any point of the inter-league. It will raise costs, benefits not worth it.

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