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01-16-2013, 01:46 PM
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Originally Posted by GoneFullHolmgren View Post
I am not sure they can just come in and change the system even if they wanted to that quickly. What do we have a 1 week training camp? Changing the system is not an option this season. Unless we want to take a step back this season. Something that the fans and management would not tolerate.
Of course we need to tighten up defensively. But that has more to do with personel then anything, I am not sure this group will be better defensively in front of Bryzgalov.
I don't think overhauling the system is really the issue...I think Snider and Homgren realize that is not in the cards this "season." However, I do think they want to see him be more malleable and adjust to situations where his system is obviously not working. He has to show more adaptability. That is just a basic law of nature..if you can't adapt or show no willingness to due so you will quickly become extinct. Lavi is going to have to think out of the box a little more than he has IMO....if he doesn't he won't remain. I personally think he's got an odd roster situation. They got more stay at home types back on D to protect Bryz a little more but it's kind of a hybrid situation where there are not enough mobile D to do the pinching and attacking he wants his forwards to employ. Remains to be seen how defensively responsible the forwards will be in instances where they need to tighten things up. I know in the past he has gotten on his forwards for being to spread out too far between the D.

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