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Originally Posted by sawagohabs4ever View Post
Agreed that if this is all about business, then as the primary commodity that allows the business to exist - namely the kids, they and the parents footing the bill will expect and have a right to value for their money and more say how they are used and treated. There certainly is a risk of turning JR. A into minor hockey with these types of fees although the owners seem to think there are enough fools out there willing to pay and they will be able to continue to operate without accountability to the players or parents.

What will happen is many able and qualified kids will not be able to pay so the Pembrokes of the league will sponsor the better players to play for them while the poor teams will be left with less qualified players able and willing to shell out - the quality of play will suffer and the gap between haves and have-nots will grow, not shrink. Junior 'B' will be awesome though!

Ottawa Guy make some good points as always but I do like the idea of requiring teams to carry 16 and 17 year olds. This league has long gotten away from being a development league and I've said it for years that teams should be required to use their 2 16 year old cards every year and should reduce the number of 20 year olds - that's what Jr. B is for. I don't see a risk of having them there - there are 24 able 16 year olds per year that can play and benefit from being on the team and this proposal adds flexibility to allow a team to take 4 17 year olds or 3 and 1 16 year old. I do agree that ideally, similar rules are put in place in all JR. A. leagues across the country otherwise this league has won it's last RBC Cup.
As far as where the 16-17 year olds should play. They have a's called Major Midget AAA.
19 & 20 yer olds can't play Midget.
If you think you can always predict who will be the better player at 20 yrs. old, when the kids are 16............ pro scouts get it wrong.

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