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01-16-2013, 12:54 PM
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I'm glad this carousel ride is over, I was getting tired of it. But there is something that irks me about the hiring of Chip, and that is why it took so long? There are 2 possible reasons that I opine (read: guess) why it took so long, neither are particularly good:

1.) Chip was indecisive and finally came around. Granted this is a huge decision for him and it would be good for him to take some time. But if one were to interview with NFL teams with the thought of becoming a HC, one would think one has already mentally prepared himself a bit for this kind of change. But he was interviewed nearly 2 weeks ago now. After Reid, with his recent QB waffling and notoriously late to come in play calls, I don't want someone indecisive.

2.) Lurie & Roseman **** the bed and were out of options and went back to Kelly. I find this to be the more remote of the 2, but not completely off the table. This would mean they didn't like anyone as much as Kelly (even Gus Bradley who left earlier today after a second really long interview), and let him go back to Oregon after their original interview without winning him over then, risking getting him wowed by another team. This reason doesn't shine a great light on the ownership/front office which at the time isn't looking all that bright as it is.

I'm sure more details will come to light soon, and granted, I could very well be blowing this all out of proportion. I'm just perturbed that this was arguably the Eagles' first choice they let him go, strung us along for weeks, only to hire this guy. If it works out in the end, I'll look past it. If Kelly flames out (and lets face it, apart from recently college coaches haven't had a stellar NFL record), everyone will point to this and ask "Why not Gus?" But let's cross that bridge when we get to it.

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