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01-16-2013, 12:59 PM
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$40 DIY Hockey Shooting Tarp

I wanted something like this:

Shooting Tarp from

But don't have several hundred dollars laying around. So I built my own for about $40.

Got the billboard tarp for $25 off Craigslist, there's a company selling them out of a warehouse 10 minutes from my work. The front has an ad on it, but the back is white. Put the thing in my basement, something like 10' by 30', really long.

And it smelled awful. Obviously because it was outside. I didn't think of that. So I mopped it front and back. Dunno if it helped or I just got used to the smell. Hit it with Febreze last night. We'll see.

Anyway, went to the hardware store and got some of these screw hooks:

And some of these quick link carabiner type things:

And some red duct tape:

Okay, so I cut it down to about 7' tall (height of my basement up to the wooden joists or whatever they are called) and about 8' wide. Measured out a 4' x 6' net with the duct tape. Then poked a couple holes in the top, then screwed the hooks into the wood on the ceiling, and attached them with the carabiners. And done:

Surprisingly, just one layer of this stuff is enough to pretty much kill the pucks' momentum. It's mounted maybe a foot off the back (concrete) wall. A couple pucks have hit hard enough to get the back wall, but so much force is dispersed by then it's not a big deal.

Three things though I have found so far:

1. One of the hooks pulled out. Granted it was in a pre-existing hole and I could drill a fresh hole and get more bite, but I'll keep an eye out. I might have to find a more robust mount.

2. The holes I poked in the tarp are ripping. I was pretty sure at some point I'd have to bite the bullet and get a grommet kit. So that will likely happen soon.

3. It is LOUD. A big WHUMP noise that you can hear throughout the house. So not a stealth tarp. Maybe I'll try putting some Dynamat I have leftover on it, or some foam on the back, or something.

Pretty cool though to have a little shooting setup in my basement. I can adjust the blade, stick length, whatever on my work bench and then take it right over and shoot.

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