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01-16-2013, 01:07 PM
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Without getting to much into what league is best and what league is worst between BC, Alberta, and Saskatchewan (as for whatever reason it is a touchy subject for some), From watching the Broncos in 3 RBC's and following some of the other leagues a bit my opinion is: There is a lot more scholarship and draft opportunities out in BC (and to a certain extent Alberta as well) So you will see guys with a higher profile at a younger age in BC (see guys like Lucia and Reilly last year with Penticton). While the SJHL I find has a lot of their more high profile players as bigger experiences 20 year olds.

The BCHL has 7 of the 16 Royal Bank Cup National Championships since the tournament changed to it's current title and format. So it's certainly valid to assume it's the most talented league in Canada Jr. A. Not to discredit any of the other leagues, but national championships and scholarships are simply in my opinion the measuring stick.

RBC Titles since 1996:

MHL: 2

I do disagree though with the sentiment that the SJHL is vastly inferior to the BCHL and AJHL, there has been plenty of strong contenders come out of the SJHL the last few years and IMO if Humbolt hadn't of layed an egg in the semi's last year they would've beaten a very impressive Penticton team in the finals (I know I'm biased and if wishes were fishes right? They DID physically and talent wise dominate the Vees during the round robin however)

Getting to Forsberg as I know he's the REAL topic of this thread. He seemed to struggle finding chemistry playing wing with his 2 linemates his first 2 games. He got moved to center on a line last night with Cody Pongraz and Joey Davies (the 2 leading scorers for Humboldt). The results were immediate, they were on the ice for 5 of Humboldt's 6 goals and cycled the puck with ease all night. Forsberg ended the night with 3 assists (should've got credit for 4) and had a few real good chances in the slot that he got shut down on. This line is going to do some damage down the stretch here for sure.

My observations seeing Forsberg for the first time is that he's a great stick handler and has a great sense of where to be in the offensive zone. He isn't the quickest guy on the ice from what I can see and could stand to get stronger on the puck.

You get definitely see the talent is still there with this kid, I hope for his sake he can put things together with Humboldt down the stretch here and go on a nice long run and still have a shot with an NHL team later in the draft.

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