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Originally Posted by habsfanatics View Post
I disagree with this entire post. Saying someone is still in a developmental stage at 23yrs old is accurate, but it says nothing about the value they place on PK. Actions speak louder than words. He lead the team in ice-time because he has game changing qualities and can perform adequately to above average in every situation. He's not without holes, but he's very integral to this team. MB and Therrien know this and it will be evident again by his ice-time.

I'm not throwing Prust under the bus, he filled a need, but there's not a chance in hell that he fills a bigger hole than PK Subban.

As a GM you need to pick your battles. Giving a 4 year 10 million dollar contract to an aging 4th liner and refusing to give the same term to your 2nd or 3rd best player is laughable and goes entirely against the so-called restrictive cap structure that people claim MB is enacting.

This has nothing to do with how the team, MB or Therrien value PK. This is entirely about trying to use their leverage to get to the UFA period with a lesser cap hit. They'd have to be blind to not value PK as one of their best players, because he is, without a doubt.
I agree with you. I'm just not certain MB and Therrien see it that way.

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