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01-16-2013, 01:39 PM
Ed finally concedes!
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Originally Posted by Chris Shafer View Post
It seems to me like a downward spiral.

-Pronger + Timonen along with all-star defensive forward cast make scrub look like all-star.
-Flyers fans chant about wanting a better goalie to put them over the top.
-Flyers reach on a headcase that performed at Vezina levels in a system where he was protected.
-Flyers ship out two star defensive forwards to get younger and improve the locker room.
-Pronger gets hurt, and Timonen starts to age so the protection deteriorates.
-Bryzgalov goes into significant slump just after Pronger injury.
-Flyers brass start to get heavier and slower / more defensive to counter the falling goals-against-average.
-More defensive players don't fit into system.

Now we have:
a) An average inconsistent headcase goaltender with no sustained system to safeguard him.
b) A defense totally contrary to the system because the management decided to blame the wrong issue as opposed to their **** signing.
c) A young forward core just developing into defensively responsible players which will suffer.
d) A headcoach under fire after he forcibly has his system, the same one that brought us to the Cup in 2010 and turned Leighton in a playoff shutout master, pulled out from under him.

This does not bode well.

Our only hope is that Bryzgalov plays well in this shortened season, and we quickly address the issue of a puck-moving defenseman. I think our defense is talented, but we're missing that guy who can rack up points with speed. That's who Timonen used to be. Not saying he sucks now, but he's not the great Timonen anymore.
You forgot another letter

F) As in we were "effed" after not landing Suter or Weber

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