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01-16-2013, 01:47 PM
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Originally Posted by TOGuy14 View Post
You're so funny.

Kulemin has scored 15, 16, 30, and 7 goals in his NHL career, and shot only 6.5% last year (exactly half of what he averaged in his previous three full seasons). I fail to see the logic that last year has somehow completely damaged his value or is in any way representative of what he has done for the other 75% of his career so far.

Gunnarson would step in and be the best defensive d-man on the Oilers immediately (just like he is on the Leafs). Despite your statement that he is onyl a second pairing guy, he would almost certainly be playing top pairing minutes with Schultz unless they decided to go with Smid, but Gunnar would probably be a better fit.
Oh Leafs fans (some of you), don't ever change.
Gunnarson is NOT better than Smid. Smid is bigger, more physical and just as good defensively. Smid is ideally a 2nd pairing guy on a good team as well but he's a better 2nd pairing guy than Gunnarson, i have little doubts about this.
Smid-Petry will be the top pairing this season so Gunnarson would probably play on the 2nd pairing paired with Justin Schultz.

You talk about Kulemin's damaged value due to his down year yet Hemsky's value has been damaged somehow for the same exact reason? And Hemsky is actually much more proven than Kulemin. I don't see the logic here.

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