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01-16-2013, 02:20 PM
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Kinda off topic but there is this cherry picking winger (and sometimes CENTER... don't even get me started on that) on my D league team (lowest level) and I've gotta say that the whole bench thinks he is the laziest hockey player to ever live. The guy plays up 2 levels but he absolutely blows... he skates like a duck (if you could imagine) and just generally doesn't know anything about hockey and whenever the puck is in our zone he'll come back to the zone for a couple of seconds and then just head out to center ice and literally wait there. The puck could be in our zone for an entire minute and he wouldn't help out on defense... it's ridiculous and I give him hell for it. I tell him that he's a sorry excuse for a hockey player because he only plays one side of the ice lol. The worst is when he does this while playing center ice position... he just leaves his defensive post un-manned and heads out... ugh what a terrible player lol.

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