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01-16-2013, 02:30 PM
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Originally Posted by couture23 View Post
Could be like a Rocco Grimaldi. Skill is there to be a first-rounder, but size issues will force him early into the second round, possibly the middle of it.
The difference between a small player like Grimaldi and a small player like Petan IMO, has more to do with their body types.

Petan still looks like he's 12 or 13 when I look at his face and he's 5'9". Grimaldi on the other hand, is built like a fire hydrant and can already grow a full beard (could his draft year too) but is 5'6".

Petan is dominating his league, being undersized and NOT physically develped (similar to RNH, not RNH before anyone jumps all over this). Grimaldi has way less room for improvement, due to his body being significantly more developed with very little room to grow.

Also both guys games are quite different, Rocco is a shoot from everywhere, buzz saw type guy.

Petan IMO, is a more silky play maker, with a more cerebral game (he doesn't shy away from contact either).

Just an opinion. I think Petan is a 1st round talent, but I wouldn't want my team to take him there.

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