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01-16-2013, 02:31 PM
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Originally Posted by Terrorko View Post
When i see your comments i am sure that you have no idea what the problem is.

You know he is currently sad and tired for many reasons which we can divide to two head groups.

The firts group - situation in the NHL and things which happened to him:
-Trade from LA (after he signed new contract with LA for next 5 years+NTC) only one day before new contract should be valid. It was not correct especially when boss of LA said to Vis that he is the future of LA one month before trade was made.
-In Edmonton he didnt feel good enough, so he accepted trade to Anaheim(NTC). But they traded him ISL..He really thought, he had NTC in his contract but arbiter said IT IS NOT TRUE. It seems he doesnt like NY because of wheather, NYI because of young/noob team.
-If there was no lockout in the NHL he is propably playing for NYI right now.
-They did not nominated him to the competition of the best defenceman of the NHL, when he playe very good as defenceman and also very good as attacker (68 points per season).

The second group - his personally problems and feelings
-He is 36 years old, 11 seasons in NHL, 450 points..his priority is not the same as priority of young players
-He feels good in Slovan Bratislava, he likes fans, athmosphere..and he doesnt care of money
-He is with his family in his birth country, much more better than travel to unknown city and play for the team he never want to. - That doesnt mean he doesnt like NYI, you know.
I'm pretty sure people are well aware of all that stuff being potential issues, speculative as it might be. Faterson has been reiterating it over and over.

Problem is that those aren't valid reasons to not meet his obligation to his NHL contract. They're his personal reasons for breaking the rules. There's a difference.

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