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Originally Posted by eva unit zero View Post
Now we know it's a fact that goaltenders on teams that focus on reducing shots are more likely to post a lower sv%. There are plenty of examples of this. Dominik Hasek in Detroit is an excellent example relevant to this; he was behind the same/similar defense and his numbers declined drastically from a Vezina winning season that was one of his best years. Did Hasek suddenly turn into an average goalie when he was traded? His SNW - and therefore his save percentage? - was below the league average multiple times in four seasons with the Red Wings and it was four of his five worst seasons. Yet his Ottawa numbers were better than his 2001 Vezina.
Since when is this a fact? Plenty of people say the opposite (see: "Hitchcock's system is the reason Elliott and Halak had such good save percentages!|), and the stats folks say that even-strength save percentage doesn't really vary based on the number of shots against. Reducing shots against on the penalty kill would be a surefire way to increase a goalie's save percentage, however...

...which shows why your example would be incorrect. Hasek's play in 2001-02 was pretty much the same as it was in 2000-01. The Red Wings simply took more penalties (19.8% of his shots were while the Red Wings were shorthanded in 2001-02 vs 17.4% the previous year) and his PK SV% dipped a bit, which could be either due to bad luck or slightly poorer PKing.

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