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01-16-2013, 02:51 PM
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Originally Posted by Partisan du CH View Post
So you have no respect for Stéphane Leroux, Vincent Damphousse, Guy Carbonneau, Patrick Lalime, Denis Gauthier, Félix Séguin, Norman Flynn, etc.??? David Arsenault, Alain Crête and Stéphane Langdeau are also doing pretty good job in their respective roles. Luc Gélinas isn't bad either, but he gets laughed at because of his bad English, which is a bit juvenile.

Every channel has their more "colorful" guys. And RDS is no exception, so I don't mind Bergeron or Stock or Le Baron, as long as they don't take all the place.

But I agree with everybody here that I can't stand Gaston Therrien and I don't understand the importance RDS gives to such a poor analyst.
The sad thing is that most of the french shows on TV covering the Habs are just bad.
I also feel that a lot of some people hold back, mainly guys like Carbo or Damphousse that clearly have the best hockey knowledge. They hear some of their colleagues say some really dumb crap, and you see them stay politically correct whenever they disagree, they'll say a few words and then move on. Sometimes they just mumble and shake their heads, not really showing whether they disagreed or not.
It's not just on RDS, I made the mistake of watching Le Match yesterday (or just tuning in) and they were actually debating and whining about how the new Habs slogan ''No Excuses'' was writting in English only. I mean, my head nearly exploded because of how hard I smacked my forehead. At this point, I can't believe these guys actually say this stuff because of their beliefs. You can't be that dumb and stuck up. They have to be doing this only to stir controversy up.

All in all, it's really too bad. But most sports station, even on the radio, would be to change the majority of their staff. It's so bad.

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