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01-16-2013, 03:12 PM
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Originally Posted by 417 View Post
There aren't many...which is why I find it ludicrous that people say he hasn't proven anything.
To be honest, I really wish we'd know more. Is management really looking at a 2year deal worth an insulting 3M? Is PK really asking for close to 56M in total value like Doughty's deal? What is really going on?
I really don't understand the strong stance against your best player. It makes zero sense to me. Even if you really do have a structure in place for contracts and raises, it wouldn't be realistic to think no exception will ever occur.
It's not like your structure would just crumble if you made an exception and paid PK a bigger deal off his ELC. Guys like PK are rare, it's not like Collberg can come here, play like Eller has, and then see that PK got 6y at 6M, and so demand the same.
And if we have another player who's actually worth making an exception a la PK, then it'll be because he'll have proven himself to be a very very valuable and good young player.

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