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Originally Posted by frag2 View Post
Score a quarter of your points in the first 10 games and then show down for the last 70 doesn't exactly scream consistency to me...

You're just breaking down the numbers to suit how you want it to look. A player produces regardless of situation. While there is some weight to ES minutes [as most of the game is played in ES], that's not the deciding factor.

Seguin plays on perennial cup contender
Hall plays on a cellar dweller
Hall produced at a better clip than Seguin [and consistently]

Sure, they may be close, but Seguin isn't "better". The fact that you make conjecture [your own even] about teams not sending the best against him shows how little you watch teams zone in on the Oilers 3 players. Perhaps its best you stay up a bit past bed time to watch a bit more Oiler games in the East if you think teams don't send out their best against the Oilers 3.
As for the bolded, I never said that so maybe you should work on your reading comprehension. And the last time i looked 10 is not 25% of 67, maybe you should invest in a calculator as well.

What i said was that last year if a team has the Oilers and the Bruns in the same week who do you think they are more likely to want to beat. All these guys say every game is important but the truth is teams want to beat the former champs more so then the cellar dwellers, it's the competitive nature of pro athletes. I know for sure when the Blackhawks came to town the year after they won the cup our guys wanted to make an impression by beating the best. Denying this would just be ignorant.

I'm sure teams wanted to put their best shutdown guys on Seguin but it'd hard when he is on our shutdown line helping shut down the other teams best players. Speaking of that, another part that I believe Seguin is ahead of Hall is defensive play but once again, didn't bring it up, because I was just proving he outproduced him. The Bruins also have two scoring lines both capable of putting points up on a nightly basis so it's extremely difficult to shut both down and i'm sure different teams tried to shut a different line down every night.

If you don't believe Seguin outproduced Hall then prove it because the truth is that he did. Hall scored 53 points that season. If you cannot stay healthy, fluky injury or not, your putting your team at a disadvantage. And anyone saying he wont miss games next year is just throwing s*** at a wall hoping it will stick because all we have seen from him is a 42 and 53 game seasons.

I didn't want to bring up the injuries so I tried to prove the fact that he out produced him in the fairest way possible. If you want to ignore the facts then fine by me, but don't get mad at me because the stats don't tell you what you want to hear.

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