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Originally Posted by XX View Post
He would be getting top 4 minutes on a weaker roster. Coyotes can afford to bring him along slowly, so they are. Ask anyone around hockey about him and you'd be hard pressed to find a hater. He is one of the best prospects out there right now. I'm not even sure why we are discussing his availability, because management is in love with him.

The Coyotes already have one of the better defensive centers in the game in Hanzal so they could really care less about his 'defense.' It's a nice plus, but we're talking about trading for a top 6 center here. That means offense. He has 1 solid season under his belt, offensively.

That's a strange argument. But you don't get the equivalent of 3 first round picks for a temperamental holdout. All indications are that the relationship between the Avs and ROR has soured, and that he has no intention of coming back unless his demands are met. As talented a player as he is, no team is going to be trampling the weak and hurtling the dead to acquire him for a premium. It is what it is.
So you are saying because the Coyotes have enough "defense", RORs value is only to be determined by his offensive production?

I am not arguing that Gormley is a good prospect. But he does not come close to ROR s value right now. 1 yr age difference. One guy is a proven future Selke contender with atleast decent offensive upside and the other one is a good prospect who has played 4 pro games.

Even if the relationship has soured, there is now way that Sherman sells him for this kind of value. Rather wait for the offseason and see if ROR caves. You can always trade him then. It is not like Gormley makes a huge difference regarding our playoff hopes.

And I hate these you won't get X amount of 1st. Ugh.
I would easily trade 5 1sts (25-30 range) for 1 1st if that first happens to be the next Crosby....
It all depends on the quality of the players available at said spot.

Avs are in no hurry if they are not a playoff team anyways. PHX is the one team which wants to contend.
So as an Avs fan it is Yandle or bust for me tbh.

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