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Originally Posted by y2kcanucks View Post
Which is exactly why I think we become the Calgary Flames if we trade Luongo and don't address our offense. Even if its a subsequent deal like flipping Kadri and someone for Perry, we need to address the offense. If not for goaltending we probably finish 6th or 7th last year, maybe worse. It's not reasonable to expect Schneider to post a 0.937SVP playing 60-65 games in a season, nor is it reasonable to expect him to play 82 games and post a 0.928SVP, and the chances are whoever our backup is likely wont be a 0.920+ SVP goalie. Based on that alone and no offensive upgrades I don't see this team continuing to experience elite results.
Good grief.

Vancouver finished 5th in scoring last year, tied with Chicago and a whopping .02 goals per game behind 4th place Ottawa. Only Pittsburgh, Philadelphia and Boston scored at a meaningfully higher pace, and all three play in the east (all three suffered early ousters as well). The eventual Stanley Cup winner, Los Angeles, finished 29th out of 30 teams offensively.

There's definitely work that could be done on the offense for the Canucks. There's always work that can be done. But this persistent mythology that the offense is dreadful is getting kind of exhausting to read. Dreadful as compared to whom, exactly? Which team has a bevy of offensive riches distributed evenly across the lineup, with no injuries, one dimensional scorers or question marks to sully it?

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