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01-16-2013, 04:11 PM
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I think there is a movement on the part of NHL agents to try to eliminate the leverage that teams have on second NHL contracts by stretching the term and annual dollar amounts on the applicable precedents. It is the strategy of Meehan's group and based on what I've read, it sounds like a strategy on the part of Benn's agent.

With Benn and Subban you can somewhat understand the power play by the agents. Benn is the best player for Dallas and an emerging star, Subban is the best D-man for Montreal and is also a budding star. I don't see O'Reilly as being in that particular class of player (although I am a huge fan of what O'Reilly brings to the table). I think that it is interesting to see Meehan's group extend the second contract negotiation strategy to a player like O'Reilly.

In many ways, it puts a lot of pressure on the Avs not only within the constraints for their own financial situation, but as to the league's as well. I think that a lot of GMs are probably watching how the Avs handle the O'Reilly situation.

I do think that Meehan's group strongly encouraged O'Reilly to go to the KHL as part of an effort to increase his leverage to a similar level as to a Benn or Subban.

The potential future reprecussions of this strategic negotiating approach fascinate me.

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