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Originally Posted by Crazy Ivan View Post
To recap:

Viz: I'm contesting the trade
Trade is upheld
Viz goes to Slovakia
Lockout ends
Viz: I'm not coming back
Isles: Come back
Daly: Come back
Viz: Just gimmie two more weeks to finish out the season.
KHL: You can't play for us any more.
Viz: My son is sick and I need to be here for him (even though I'll be traveling with the team which I can no longer play for) so, since I need to be here for my son, gimmie two more weeks.

Did I miss anything?
The sun is in my eyes, I'm not coming
Nancy Reagan said I can't travel now, I'm not coming
The Long Island Medium creeps me out, I'm not coming
I had my fingers crossed when I signed the contract, I'm not coming
I'm holding my breath 'til I pass out, I'm not coming

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