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Originally Posted by Myllz View Post
You obviously don't watch Devils games.
Love this line. I doubt you watch them as much as you will imply also. I watch them when they play the Sabres and if theyre on Versus, but Im sure you watch all 30 teams' games .

If your getting paid near 6 million a year you better be more then a 50 point player. I don't care how good you are defensively you have to produce more then Zajac has. They overpaid because they lost Parisr, just like we did with Vanek when Briere and Drury left. Difference is, Vanek actually produced to somewhat warrant his contract. Zajac has scored 45+ points Two times since 2006, that superior production is well worth $5.75 million a year for the next 8 seasons

Originally Posted by Rob Paxon View Post
Legitimate 2nd line centers get paid well, just fyi. Valuing any player by points is folly, especially Zajac which is akin to valuing someone like M. Koivu based on points totals along.
Again, you need to be well rounded to deserve 5.75 a year. Good, he's very good defensively.... So are a lot of players, and yet they dont make almost 6 million. Zajac may be a 2nd line center in terms of production , but he's getting paid to be a 1st line center. It's funny, whenever you bring up goals and points it's tossed aside for "intangibles" and defensive ability. Being able to score is just as if not more important then being adequate defensively.

Zajac is a Drury type player and getting paid Drury bucks. Rangers learned from that, you don't give 2nd line centers who are good defensively but just above average offensively mega bucks. Zajac averages 49 points a season.You can discredit offensive numbers all you want and point to his 2 way game, but unless your a perennial Selke winner, $5.75 million a year is an overpayment for Zajacs production. Even in the playoffs, Zajac was merely above .5 PPG. That's not $5.75 million a year worthy.

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