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01-16-2013, 04:53 PM
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Originally Posted by Mifroid View Post
I agree he's got huge potential, and he had a lot of responsabilities last year. He has skills, and he might become an excellent d-man. However, I don't think it's fair to say he is there yet. And there's no reason why he should get even close to 6M$ from what I've seen of him in the last few years. He might be worth it in a year or two, but you won't know until it happens..

That's why I think a guy like Eberle who's a proven top of the league winger is way more valuable for now.
Legit #1 d-men are a lot more difficult to find than 1st line wingers. Just IMO - but the Oilers would have a 0% of acquiring PK without including one of the big 4. The Habs might have to include a sweetner, but the Oilers poster who are trolling with MPS or Gagner + are REALLY unrealistic IMO.

Closest analogy would be that Pronger was worth a 50 goal scoring Shanahan. (And please note - I'm not directly comparing Pronger/PK or Shahanan/Eberle).

Originally Posted by Homesick View Post
PK is the new Phaneuf. Before you jump on me just think back a few years ago when "The Dion" was 2 or 3 years in the league.
While I understand your point - DP was insanely hyped because he played a phsyical bruising game and had a big shot which overshadowed his average hockey IQ. People saw the physical skills, and hoped that the hockey IQ would develop. It might just be me - but I don't question PK's hockey IQ, and think with experience & maturity that his game will become more consistent, and he'll be a legit #1.

Again - totally understand that YMMV.

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