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01-16-2013, 06:31 PM
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yikes crazy story. nice rundown

-People start getting wise to Manti and this Ronnie guy having a gay romance

-Manti and Ronnie create fake internet "girlfriend" to take on the gay rumors

-People get wise to this "girlfriend" maybe not really existing, the gay lovers decide to have this "girlfriend" die tragically of cancer, Ron-Ron and Manti go back to snuggling

-Media catches on to story, makes it a huge inspirational story, probably much to Manti's horror

-Manti rides story to national fame and almost winning what would have been the biggest sham Heisman of all time

-Notre Dame catches wind of all this bs (probably months ago) but sits on the story to protect it's interests

-**** hits the fan today, Notre Dame gets spin machine going into overdrive

-The sports world lols hard

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