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Originally Posted by YourBuddy View Post guys watch too much TSN. The Habs had no Gionta, no Markov and endless injuries. I know you guys don't want to look like homers but please, Ottawa ahead of Montreal ? And i am not saying the Habs will finish first but cmon you guys look like sheep.

So every team has improved but it's not possible the Habs get back their injured players and with a new offensive system and tougher team could have improved.

Do any of you remember where TSN had Montreal before the beginning of last season, yep in the playoffs. So basically with same team minus Cammy and shaky Kosty we are bottom dwellers.
I though you guys were suppose to be hockey connaisseurs ?
Couldn't agree more, this years team is miles ahead of last year's WHOLLY under performing squad. We have important players back from injury and added to our 3rd and 4th lines significantly. Last year most predictions had us in the playoffs.

Just my opinion but we will make the playoffs, maybe even surprise and finish in the 5-6 range.

Signed, Homer.

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