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01-16-2013, 06:20 PM
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Originally Posted by BobbyFischer View Post
I just purchased NHL Centerice Live.

It's 49$ which is cheaper than ************* (but no playoffs, but then again if mtl misses the playoffs, I don't care about the playoffs).

I have been using unblock-us for over a year to use with netflix, and it works the same with NHL Centerice live, so no blackouts whatsoever.

I've heard too many people having problems with *************, combined with the fact that theoretically it is not technically legal (you're giving a donation, not paying for a service) it could be shut down at any time for any reason and you won't get a penny back. Also, I hear if you have any complaints or anything the admins don't really give a crap and don't even bother replying to you.

Also, NHL GCL's quality is better, and is more reliable. (hosted on a huge server Neulion).
LOL, no, you're paying for the service. If it were the case that you were donating, then you could still use the site without "donating".

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