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01-16-2013, 06:26 PM
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Originally Posted by ObjectiveOpinion View Post
This happened to me in high school once. Right after it happened I tried to suck it up and keep playing, but I ended up skating over to the coach, hunched over, and quietly telling him, "Coach, I think I just shattered my ass bone." I had to lay down on the bench until practice ended.

The road to recovery for something like that completely depends on how badly you hurt yourself originally, and how careful you are in your day to day life so it does re-injure. It's kind of like broken toes in that way: you can't cast them, but for ****'s sake, be careful with them.

Do you feel like you keep re-injuring it when sitting down, etc? If so, then chill out, be more careful, and give it more time. If not, then definitely see your GP. You could have some sort of stress fracture or severe bone bruise. Not to mention, you could be screwing your back up by not addressing it properly.
I failed to mention I dropped a cigar ashtray on my pinkie toe last week, so that is also broken but cause little to no discomfort.

A co-worker told me she did something similar and she saw a chiro and he worked on it and eventually made it better. I just think he wanted to grab her ass.

I enjoy playing hockey but I will be taking a few months off because of my profession.

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