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01-16-2013, 07:32 PM
Ron Wilson*
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You Vancouver fans are missing the whole point.

We are NOT trading for Lu for one year to get us in the playoffs, WE DON'T WANT

What the %^#^ do we do if in 2-5 years when the team is much better with UFA signings and developed younger guys like Gards and Rielly only to get bounced out of the first round or choke in the finals. Then we are still stuck with a guy who can't perform when it matters the most for years to come and take big cap hits.

Wake up Vancouver. If Lu was soooo good and worth soooo much you would not even trade him in the first place! You want to trade him because the coach had more confidence in the ROOKIE but yet you want a 1st, and Gards.

Does that make any sense? Read over ALL your posts post game 7 and last year after game 4 of the first round. Every single Canuck fan wanted him OUT at any cost. Now you guys want him out for 1st round picks and top prospects. We don't want a goalie that plays good during the regular season, choke in the playoffs, and get worse and worse as he gets even older. Get real

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