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Originally Posted by glovesave_35 View Post
In this article read he says they met online and maintained an emotional relationship online and on the phone. It's difficult to tell from his statement if they ever did or did not physically meet.

Mind giving me the nuts and bolts of the other stuff you're talking about?
He says that today when it's been uncovered...

Most of what has been reported has been what he told the South Bend Tribune.

On meeting in 2009...
Nov. 28, 2009: Te'o and Kekua meet after Stanford's 45-38 victory over Notre Dame in Palo Alto, according to the South Bend Tribune: "Their stares got pleasantly tangled, then Manti Te'o extended his hand to the stranger with a warm smile and soulful eyes." Kekua, a Stanford student, swaps phone numbers with Te'o.

On meeting in Hawaii...
2010-2011: Te'o and Kekua are friends. "She was gifted in music, multi-lingual, had dreams grounded in reality and the talent to catch up to them" (South Bend Tribune). "They started out as just friends," Te'o's father, Brian, told the Tribune in October 2012. "Every once in a while, she would travel to Hawaii, and that happened to be the time Manti was home, so he would meet with her there."
Even his father said he called her and congratulated her on recovering...
Sept. 10, 2012: Kekua is released from the hospital; Manti's father, Brian, congratulates her "via telephone" (South Bend Tribune).
Either the South Bend Tribune is lying (doubtful), or the entire Te'o family is lying. And no matter what, they (or the media) can't even get the storyline completely straight.

Even if it is true and he had no idea, what guy that is absolutely in love with this girl that he wants to end up marrying misses her funeral because of a football game and says afterwards the two interceptions he got were for her? Pretty awful to do, but that's just my opinion on him.

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